What is With Dint?
With Dint is the name of our site, a 'Dint' as I call them, is a desktop environment style profile. The concept is a desktop that you can customize and interact with, allowing you friends and family see the same thing later. It uses applications that can be designed in house or by a 3rd party to add uniqueness to each Dint. Plus if users so choose to do so, they can limit access to content they place in their dints. Users can upload photos, communicate with friends and relatives, and much more.
What does With Dint mean?
simply put, it's a rarely used english word meaning force. The idea behind the name and slogan is, 'get your word out, with force', which describes the uniqueness and impact having a dint would be on your friends, family, and coworkers.
How did you think up With Dint?
With Dint was conceptualized originally to be just my own personal blog. Then many of my peers and friends thought it would be cool if they could do the same. From that thought I began working on this site. But the real story, is why I made it a desktop environment. I felt it would be fun and original if users could interact with my website as they do with their own desktop. allowing them to select their wallpaper, their window style, and customize how they see my site. Then I relized this could be application driven, thus making it easy for me to add and remove features from my site. So from that model, I created a way for any to be able to do this. Which is 'With Dint'.

Other stuff
2009 and parent company: Seijinohki PC Services and Software

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